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He was born in 1987 in Eskişehir. The artist, who started his university education in mining engineering, left this department and turned to fine arts and was entitled to enter the sculpture department of Anadolu University. He graduated as an honor student in 2012. Between 2015-2017, he worked as an assistant to Sculptor H. Ertuğ ATLI. He graduated from Anadolu University Fine Arts Institute in 2021, completing his thesis on "Symbolic Expression in Ancient Egyptian Sculpture Art". Continuing his sculpture works actively during this period, the artist also took part in the organizations of short film shows and cinema workshops within the ArtColony artist residence, which operates in the fields of cinema and culture, as a team worker of the Katadrom association. With his figurative works, he tries to reflect the emotional changes that people experience in their inner world, to the human body, by determining a transcendent moment to describe these emotions in their figures, and concentrates on conveying them to the audience with a symbolic narrative.The artist continues to produce mainly metal sculptures in his workshop in Eskişehir.

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